Q: I have children who attend Endeavor Elementary School.  Can I park in the circle driveway at the school to drop them off and walk them in?

A: No.  We would suggest parking in the Village Hall parking lot and walking your children over to the school and not parking in the circle driveway.  The circle driveway is there to provide a safe area for school buses to pick up and drop of students.  Vehicles parked in the circle driveway inhibiting the buses from being able to park are subject.

Q: What is curfew in the Village?

A: Unless accompanied by a parent or guardian, curfew for all persons under age 18 is 10:00 p.m. 

Q: Why is there not an Endeavor police officer on duty all the time?

A: Please remember that we are a part time department and officers come in at various shifts to work. 

Q: Why is the Endeavor Squad outside the village limits?

A: There could be a number of reasons. Though a traffic violation occurs in the village, it may take the officer time to stop the vehicle resulting in being a distance from where the violation occurred. Further, Endeavor PD may be called upon to assist the Marquette Sheriff's Office with traffic complaints or service calls. This is called "Mutual Aid" and is permissible under state law. Our officers respond and after addressing the complaint, return to the village. This does not happen often, but is necessary in cases where deputies are not available to respond immediately. Finally, please keep in mind that a portion of I-39 lies within the village. Officers may conduct traffic enforcement on the freeway. Though this enforcement is not happening frequently during the shift, all violations at those speeds are of a higher fine amount. This means more money comes back to the village upon conviction of the operator in a court of law. 

Q: Does the village encourage the police to hang out around the tavern in town looking for intoxicated drivers?

A: Absolutely not. First of all, no one should be operating a motor vehicle if there is any question he or she is impaired due to their intoxication. We leave the responsibility for that determination to the driver and the bartender. Under Wisconsin law, bartenders do have an obligation to not over serve. Secondly, our officers do not "sit and wait" for residents to leave. This is not good policing, especially in a small town. If however, patrons leaving the bar crash or we find that numerous intoxicated drivers are on village streets resulting from their time spent at the tavern, then we will assume the proprietor of the establishment is not serving responsibly. To date that has not happened.

Q: Why does Endeavor bother to have a police department anyway? 

A: Deputies of the Sheriff's Office do not have the authority to enforce village ordinances. Deputies can enforce criminal law and county ordinances. They can also enforce traffic statutes. However, the village sees little in fines returned to Endeavor. Though village officials can issue summons for violations of ordinances, this often surrounds property / nuisance calls. Officials cannot make traffic stops or respond to public disorder situations resulting in a possible citation / arrest. Having our own police department does provide for some measure of control over local laws and enforcement.