The Endeavor Police Department was founded in October of 2007. At that time, the Police Department had one employee, Chief Dominic Ferraro. Being the sole officer of the Department, Chief Ferraro was responsible for forming the Department, creation of policy, enforcement of Village Ordinances, State Laws, as well as community involvement. In January 2011, the Police Department welcomed its first intern, Colin Zeumer to the Department. At the time, Colin was in his senior year at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point working on his Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and Law Enforcement. In July of 2011, Colin was offered a position as a Patrol Officer with the Village of Endeavor Police Department.

In October of 2013, six years after forming the Department, Chief Ferraro announced his retirement. Also in October, the Village Board announced the hiring of Jennifer Beckett to replace Chief Ferraro. Chief Beckett had been a deputy with the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office and her experience contributed to further move the department forward. Colin had left the department by this time, and Officer Justin Wichman and Officer Mike Cypert joined the agency in 2016. In May 2019, Chief Beckett resigned, now working for the Wisconsin Capital Police.

That following August of 2019, John Flannery was hired for the Chief of Police position. Chief Flannery was a deputy sheriff in northeast Wisconsin for almost twenty years. He left the sheriff's office to serve as Emergency Manager for the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay and the Director of the Police Academy at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. During his tenure in the sheriff's office, Chief Flannery had implemented a number of community programs in a village with a population of 15,000, and was recognized by village officials for making the community a safer place for its residents. In 2001, Chief Flannery was awarded the “Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officer of the Year” by then Wisconsin Attorney General James Doyle, for actions taken out in the field.