Clerks Office:

Will be held at: THE ENDEAVOR VILLAGE HALL 400 CHURCH STREET, ENDEAVOR, WI 53930 January 10th, 2022 at 6:30pm

For the purpose of:

1) Pledge to the flag, call meeting to order

2) Roll Call

3) Approval of the Minutes: Discussion/Action Approval of Regular Board Meeting Minutes on December 18th, 2022

4) Financials and Contracts: Discussion/Action A. Monthly Financial Report b. Tax overpayments

6) Water Usage Charges: Discussion/Action 7) Committee Reports: Discussion/Action A. Public Safety (including fire station, police, building, zoning, etc.) Police Department: • Keefe Property and Property Owners delinquent fines: Discussion/Action • House with feral cat problem: Discussion/Action • Vicious and Dangerous dog ordinance: Discussion/Action Fire Department: B. Public Works (including streets, sewers, water, lighting, etc.) C. Public Welfare (including library, park, health, relief, etc.) Public Welfare: Library Report – Whitney Parrillo - Library Director Park Committee Report Beautification Committee Report

9) Public Comment Period

10) Announcements and Event Reports: 11) Adjourn Dated this 28th day of November 2022 Brandi Wendt, Clerk/Treasurer  

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 Endeavor Food Pantry

In 2014 was the creation of the Endeavor Food Pantry. The Endeavor Food Pantry is a small food pantry that relies on the donations of the community to provide for its neighbors in need. It has been a great success so far with many local groups and businesses, along with the Elementary school, surrounding Churches and numerous residents supporting it. The food pantry is receiving enough donations to support numerous families once per month. Donations can be made at the Village clerk's office during regular business hours, or the Endeavor Library. If you are interested in learning more on the food pantry or how to become a participating family, please call the clerk's office at 587-2486.


We are A quiet community located on Buffalo Lake in Marquette County in Central Wisconsin.

We are home to many migratory animals including Sandhill Cranes, Pilleated Woodpeckers, Trumpeter Swans, Eagles and more. Our recreational activities include hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, little league baseball, and just enjoying the serene atmosphere we have here in the Village; Take some time while you visit and walk through our park and enjoy the memorial benches honoring local Endeavorites.